Who we are

We’re passionate about helping others transform their property. By visualising the end result before you start and planning ahead, it motivates you to complete the project. 

What’s more landscaping truly adds value and street appeal to your property. 

"You look down any street and the propertys that stand out are well landscaped."

Having a visual concept to guide you from the beginning of your landscape project is essential and our philosophy is it doesn’t have to cost you thousands to obtain this. It can be done simply and effectively.

Likewise, while it is absolutely worth investing in landscaping your property, you don’t have to part with tens of thousands of dollars, to achieve a stunning landscape.

It is all in the careful design. Being able to visualise this before you start will help you with budgeting your project too.

After recently completing a house build, we were presented with the challenge of starting with a blank canvas. 

This was not as easy as anticipated, as although there were plenty of ideas in mind, it was a challenge to pull them altogether and see how things would look.

So we needed a full landscape design, or so we thought!

After making some enquiries we soon realised that engaging most landscape designers would eat into our already stretched budget. We didn’t have thousands to invest in a design, so worked through it ourselves. 

Visual concepts of our spaces was what we needed and after investing in software we created these ourselves. Even better, the concepts are created over images of your actual space. Being able visualise the concept before beginning is exactly what was needed.

Simple and unsophisticated. 

After complements from friends and families on our landscaping project, we started helping them by creating visuals for their landscape projects too.

It was obvious there was a need for more cost effective landscape design solutions, so Easyscape evolved and grew.

We look forward to hearing about your project.

Scott Beatson