mowing tips to keep your lawn LUSH & green


Mow your lawn frequently

Keep your lawn looking sharp by mowing frequently and will respond best if you take a little off at a time. Removing too much leaf, which is about a third, in one mow weakens your lawn.

Mow weekly during peak growth periods and aim to never remove more than about 1/3 of the leaf. Reduce your mowing during cooler or hotter times.  

Always remove clippings.

Raise your mower height

Aim to mow at the height of 5 - 7cm. To easily measure this, take the measurement from a hard surface to the bottom edge of your mower's deck. 

Keeping to this height will help keep your lawn healthy and requires less water

Don't be afraid to set your mower at its highest setting - very important to retain moisture during Summer periods.

Change your mowing direction

Each time you mow, do it in a different direction. 

If you always cut your lawn using the same pattern, your grass learns which direction it's being cut from and begins to lean in the direction you mow. 

By varying the mowing pattern, you help avoid forming ruts in the lawn.