PLANTING TREES - invest in your property


Selecting your trees

Plant the best quality, best shaped tree you can buy.

Be sure to check the mature height your tree will grow so as not to overcrowd your space.

Deciduous provide summer shade, Autumn colour and let the winter sun in.

Evergreen will give you year round greenery, just make sure its not going to block the much needed winter sun in a critical spot around your home.


Trees make ideal focal points and statements in your landscape.

Think about prevailing winds. This can effect the final shape your tree will grow into.

If you are planting a specimen tree on its own, having too much wind exposure from one direction can cause it to grow away from the prevailing wind, therefore it will not grow evenly around each side.

Also make sure the tree will not create unwanted areas of shade on the house

When to plant

Autumn is the best time to plant large trees as the soil is still warm and also moist from the morning dew and more regular rain. This will encourage the roots to get established before the cooler months set in.

 Trees can be planted almost year round as long as they are wll watered, so avoid the dry summer months.

Planting Guide

· Water thoroughly before planting. 

· Dig a hole at least twice as wide as the roots.

· Add controlled-release fertiliser into the planting hole.

· Knock in strong stakes while you can still see the roots. Use at least two stakes, one each side of the tree, and make sure you tie with flexible ties.

· Gently firm the soil around the roots and water again after planting.